Need to board your cat: Find out how to choose the best boarding facility for your cat

With the holidays coming up, many people start making travel plans to visit friends and family. Traveling means you have to stay away from your beloved cat. But selecting the right boarding facility will lessen your pain of getting away from your cat as it makes sure that your cat is getting the same attention and care as you do. Boarding facility is also helpful to you in many ways as it is able to give extra care if your cat requires because of special heath or dietary needs and it also gives special attention to your cat if your cat gets lonely when you are away. Below are some tips given that will help you in choosing right boarding facility for your cat and make sure that you are giving your cat in safe hands.

Cleanliness_of_CatBoarding facilities: Choosing the right one

  • From where to start- Talk with your friend, vet and neighbor for a recommendation of boarding facility. You can also take help of internet for knowing about boarding facilities in your area.
  • Visit their office- After selecting your company, visit their office and examine the following things:
  • Design of the kennel- The individual units can be alongside each other but they should be separated by a wide gap. Cats should not able to touch each other through the mesh.
  • Sleeping areas - Make sure that the sleeping areas are clean and dry and roomy enough for your cat to stand up and turn around easily. They should have proper ventilation.
  • Temperature of the cattery- Make sure that the temperature in boarding cattery is in comfortable limits of your cat. If your cat requires warmer or cooler temperature than normally provided, ask them if they can arrange it.
  • Cleanliness- The cattery should be properly cleaned and disinfected. It should not smell. Litter trays should be cleaned regularly and food which is uneaten should be removed. Food and water bowls should be clean. Make sure that litter trays and food bowls are washed in a separate area.
  • How safe is the cattery? - Make sure that in areas where your cat will stay is free from sharp objects and harmful chemicals which your cat can swallow.
  • Food- Make sure that the boarding facility has all types of food – from special nutrition to local cat food. If the food you are asking is not available in the boarding facility, then you can give them extra money to arrange the food.
  • Staff- Since proper supervision is the key to good boarding; therefore the boarding staff should be trained and experienced. The staff should be able to quickly spot if any problem arises with your cat.

         Other important things to consider

  • Tell the boarding if your cat has allergies to certain foods.
  • Tell the boarding facility if your cat gets upset when someone touches his face, neck or any part of the body.
  • Make sure that the company has adequate medical and emergency services for your cat.
  • Tell the facility if your cat is taking medication and advise the facility about the nature of the problem and frequency of medication.
  • Always leave your contact number with the facility.

Ask the facility if you can bring any favorite toy or thing of your cat in the boarding as it will help him to adjust in unfamiliar surroundings easily. If you are looking for a reliable, luxury cattery in Ashford Kent, then look no further book your pet, our guest, into Ranpura Farm Cattery you can be confident they are going to have as good a time as you because they are on holiday too!