Cat boarding services: Important things to consider

There are times when you have to leave your cats at home and go away on holiday. Doing so can create anxiety for both you and your cat. Taking your cat with you on holiday is also not a great option as cats do not tend to travel well. Therefore you should always contact a professional boarding service for your cat while leaving home for a holiday. Doing so will make your cat comfortable in your absence and will ease the pain of separation from your cat.

youngcatImportant things to remember

  • Start boarding them when they are young- The best time to get your cat used to a boarding service is when they are young, as cats accept new situations readily and cope with change. Book your kitten in to your favorite boarding facility for a night or two. This will ensure your cats get used to the location.
  • Search properly- It is very important that you do your research properly while choosing a boarding facility for your cat. Talk with your vet about which boarding facility will be best for your cat and ask friends which place they have used to board their cat. Visit several boarding facilities and check what they are offering. Ensure that they are clean and cats in their place look well and happy.
  • Make your reservations early- You will be rather disappointed if you wait until last minute to make your reservation as most catteries are booked up on holidays and during term times. As you make your reservations, find out if you can pay a deposit to secure your reservation.
  • Things to check in a boarding cattery-
  • Temperature- Check that the cattery is able to maintain an adequate temperature for your cat during the winter months. If your cat is used to warmer or colder temperatures, determine if any special arrangements can be made.
  • Exercise Area- Make sure that the establishment offers time for play and exercise, exercise areas should provide shelter for your cats from wind, rain, snow and direct sunlight.
  • Staff- Observe the staff of boarding company. Are they happy and relaxed or stressed? Also check how many staff members are there for the amount of cats that are in the boarding.
  • Food and medications- Check which food they are providing to cats and ask whether you can bring your own or not. Make sure that they are happy to medicate your pet if required.
  • Lighting- Make sure that the lighting is adequate whether it is natural or artificial.
  • Sleeping quarters- The sleeping place of your pet should be clean and dry and sufficient enough for your cat to stand up and turn around easily.
  • Safety- Make sure that your cat will stay free from sharp objects, harmful chemicals and objects that your cat might swallow in the boarding.
  • Agreement- Your boarding cattery should have an agreement which clearly states your rights and the responsibilities of the cattery.
  • Check if any complaints or concerns are addressed by previous boarders for the boarding company.
  • Make sure that there is a valid boarding license of the company.
  • Ask them how they handle cats when they are upset.
  • Ask them if you can bring the litter box your cat uses as some cats are finicky and may not use the litter box if it is different.