For all our 2024 Boarding fees please see below.


All of our rates include VAT, Food, litter, bedding, toys, Web Cam access and insurance cover but we will also provide

    • play sessions
    • cuddling lots of love and attention
    • twice daily cat room service
    • checks to ensure every cat is happy and relaxed
    • Three or four cats may share by opening a door or removing a panel between adjacent units

We also have two pens with extra large outside areas. The cost for this is an extra £7.50 per day, if you would like to add this facility then please ask when booking, please note these are booked up to a year in advance.

Our rates from the 1st January 2024 are as follows.

  • 1 Cat - £14.40 per day (Includes access to web cams)
  • 2 Cats (From same family) - £22.00 per day (Includes access to web cams)
  • 3 Cats (From same family) - £31.20 per day (Includes access to web cams)
  • 4 Cats (From same family) - £39.60 per day (Includes access to web cams)
  • 5 Cats ( From Same family) - £45.00 per day (Includes access to web cams)
  • Extra Large Outside area £7.50 extra a day - see image of extra large area here


A deposit of 25% of the total booking cost is required in advance of any stay, this can be paid online after a booking has been confirmed. Failure to pay the deposit could result in the booking being cancelled.
Discounts are also available for any cats requiring Long-Term boarding.

Minimum Stay - Less than 3 days boarding is permissible, but the minimum charge is for 3 days boarding.

Christmas 2024 - Our minimum charge is for 5 days over the Christmas and New year period.

Food Supplied

We currently supply the following food types

Wet food in gravy and jelly with meat or fish flavours : Felix, Whiskas, Sheba and Gourmet

Dry Food in meat or fish flavour: Purina One, Whiskas, Iams, Gocat, James Welbeloved and

Royal Canin Oral*  (Subject to availability*)

If your cat requires food that is not listed above or is on a special diet then please provide this when dropping them off.

PLEASE NOTE: When booking 2 cats or more from the same family if one cat is on a special diet you must either book a seperate pen or provide a microchip feeder.

Opening Times.

  • Monday - Friday 9am - 12pm & 4pm - 6pm
  • (Please note our gate is automatic and will open at 9am, please do not arrive earlier unless you have arranged this with us beforehand)
  • Saturday - 9am - 1pm & 3pm - 4pm
  • Sunday & Bank Holidays - Closed
  • Viewing By Appointment (Please do not turn up unless you have an appointment)

Notice: We are also closed 22nd May 2024 until 2nd June 2024 and 27th October 2024 until 4th Nov 2024.

Collection/Drop off

Please arrive at your stated drop off or collection time, if you need to change this time then please contact us by telephone. Please do not arrive at a different time or during our closed hours.


Please read the following important information as this may affect your booking:

We are happy to accommodate prescription diets or Cat(s) medication providing its mixed with food, we will NOT provide medication to the mouth or administer injections (Please note we will refuse your booking if this is required, we feel it can cause to much stress for a cat during their stay and may lead to other problems). Any prescription diet food or medication must be provided by the owner in clearly labelled containers stating the Cat’s name, the frequency and/or dosage requirements.

PLEASE NOTE: When booking 2 cats or more from the same family if one cat requires medication on its food you must either book a seperate pen or provide a microchip feeder.

For more information on our Boarding Terms please see here